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Echoes of Healthcare Services across Nigeria

An overview data of how well Nigeria is providing essential health services?

The average rate of change was statistically significant for that time period.

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) effective coverage index aims to represent service coverage across population health needs and how much these services could contribute to improved health.

Pyramid of Comparative Healthcare Challenges Across Africa - 2018

Source: Healthcare Access & Quality (HAQ) Index for 195 Territories

Getting sick is an inconvenience but access to quality care should not be because what matters most in life is LIFE. Importunately, an alarming 60% of Nigerians which encompass over 120 million people hardly have access to affordable, available and qualitative medicare. And as our population continues to grow, the incidence of diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, meningitis, tuberculosis, congenital defects etc. continue to wreck tragic havoc on the people leading to low life expectancy and high mortality rates especially among children under 5 years. Deep in our hearts we are worried and we believe key stakeholders are more concerned about how to repudiate this ugly narrative.

How can we develop a sustainable technology-based health care solution that leverages on technology to drastically reduce the challenges of access and diagnostic care for the generality of the people?

A new era of medicare is here; indeed healthcare has a new address. With eCLINIC234, clinicians don’t have to hunt through patients’ medical health records. The innovative solution makes it possible for healthcare professionals to do what they do, only better. It enables better access for patients, cheaper cost of care and by extension future-proof offerings of wellness and life expectancy. eCLINIC234 is a secure, convenient and affordable virtual care platform with flexible consoles that can be customised to replicate the workflows of any public or private healthcare institution such as hospitals, retail pharmacies, medical laboratories, medical spas etc. without breaking a bank!

eCLINIC234 Wellness Ecosystem

A complete wellness package that emplace a better access to patients, More efficient healthcare ecosystem and a more prosperous practice

Passion, Purpose & Power

Our passion drives our purpose to give everyone the power to conquer diseases, the health to be wealthier and the planet with a longer life expectancy

Brand Philosophy

We are ICT incubators and technology innovators that offers interoperability, digital resources including functionality, feature-rich platforms with the foundation of present-day technologies that make the solutions future proof

The eCLINIC234 Niche

eCLINIC234 combines next-generation telemedicine, telemonitoring and integrated virtual care to provide you with immediate access to your regular hospital, clinic, retail pharmacy, diagnostic laboratory along with their highly trained and experienced doctors and wellness experts for general, acute and chronic health condition management and advice …

Contextual Service Framework

The eCLINIC234 platform’s architecture sufficiently address and replicate broad, core and specialised care that professional care institutions may offer either as poly-clinics or mini care centres via …


eCLINIC234 Virtual Care Delivery Footprints

Practice Onboarding

The most powerful platform for delivering comprehensive remote care. Improve access, efficiency and results – all through an incredible patient experience.

Join the Wellness Revolution

Many health concerns do not in actual fact require an in-person legacy visit. As a Patient enrolled as a member of the eCLINIC234 wellness community you have a 24/7 access to your exact same regular healthcare service provider (hospital, lab, pharmacy) that you use to see in person with their top-notch doctors …


Corporate Social Investment

As part of our CSI policy we offer free teleclinic consultation services for senior citizens who are 70 years and above with proof of income below N250,000 per annum.

Interested qualified senior citizens may please apply by completing this application form.

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