Month: February 2021

Benefits of Telemedicine

How Telemedicine Will Provide Patient Consulting & Monitoring During The COVID-19 Pandemic Telemedicine is defined as the exchange of medical information via electronic communication, such as video messaging, email, and smartphone apps. As the concept has gained momentum, it’s quickly become a larger part of the healthcare model as a method of patient consultation, and …

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Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

Prescription medicines and advances in medical treatment have helped people avoid disability and death caused by disease, lowered overall treatment costs, and has lowered death rates for heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other deadly diseases for several decades. Since 1970, the death rate from heart disease has dropped nearly 60% and deaths from stroke are …

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Are We Too Dependent on Antibiotics?

Overuse of antibiotics may make the micro-organism resistant to that particular antibiotic. This can lead to various side-effects that can be problematic for you. Antibiotics are strong medicines that can fight against bacteria causing certain infections. Also known as antibacterials, antibiotics work by either killing or slowing down the growth of bacteria by attacking the wall …

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