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Many health concerns do not in actual fact require an in-person legacy visit. As a Patient enrolled as a member of the eCLINIC234 wellness community you have a 24/7 access to your exact same regular healthcare service provider (hospital, lab, pharmacy) that you use to see in person with their top-notch doctors across all specialties ready to provide solutions to your health concerns, remotely on your mobile phone, from the comfort of your home or office.

Patient self-enrolment can be done online by yourself by downloading the mobile app of your regular service provider (hospital, lab, pharmacy) or the service provider that already has your medical record can enrol you.

Personalized patient care is what sets our partnership apart. When you engage the service of our partner (service provider) you can safely expect to receive world class care. The same expert physician, specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with exceptional patient care. Our platform enables patient led comprehensive virtual diagnosis such that your usual in-person physical visit is easily replicated.

We are your one-stop platform for all the quality healthcare you deserve. Your regular hospital or an alternative one of your choice can now treat you from anywhere. You are no longer limited by location, time zone or travel restrictions.

For non-emergency ailments or high-risk patient who needs to stay at home? An elderly person with mobility challenges? Or, someone who lives far away in a rural area? Or a patient that has been discharged but needs follow up check-up/monitoring by the physician? No problem! Just join the eCLINIC234 community and you can fix all of these challenges and a lot more just via your tablet or mobile device. Our platform helps you, your patients and their families stay better informed, engaged and involved with patient turnkey diagnosis, home monitoring, caregiver support, and other tools designed to improve outcomes and efficiency.

Everyone including Individuals, Families, Corporate Organisations, Humanitarian Agencies, NGOs HMOs NEED AN ACCOUNT


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    TeleClinic Is Only Recommended For Mild or Acute Non-Emergency Medical Issues. If You Require Emergency Medical Service, Please Visit Your Doctor In-Person