Passion, Purpose & Power

Our passion drives our purpose to give everyone the power to conquer diseases, the health to be wealthier and the planet with a longer life expectancy


We are tech incubators passionate in our pursuit to be a force for a healthier planet by actively supporting the availment of a more sustainable and accessible wellness infrastructure. Engage technology to deliver a suite of connected web and mobile applications aimed at enabling the highest number of people in rural, sub-urban and urban areas to live a healthier, happier and longer life by functionally improving their access to quality healthcare. Engage a convergence of wellness, remote medical devices and telehealth platforms that virtually replicate the in-clinic primary care experience, by providing healthcare service providers almost the same clinical tools they use in the clinic everyday, also in a virtual community


-By virtue of going digital, healthcare has been able to move beyond the brick and mortar constraints of traditional practice by deploying a new digital infrastructure to ensure more efficient service delivery. Allowing physicians and wellness service providers to reach more patients remotely while increasing the quality of care

-Consultations are done via a secure communication channel in high definition video, audio and/or text chat between patients and remote healthcare service providers within a virtual community that transmits images, data and sound in real-time. Under text consultation, patients can post questions about simple health conditions. Test reports can be included for emphasis and clarity. Patients are notified via the platform when their question(s) have been answered.

-Innovative video platform that offers quality video consultation specifically designed for low bandwidth areas including areas with difficult network and geographical terrains.

-Embedded capacity to manage public hospitals, private hospitals, polyclinics/multi-specialty medical centres with medical laboratory, diagnostic radiology and pharmacy attached.

-Healthcare service providers can simplify care delivery by increasing care points, identify the causes and cases of readmissions, optimize preventive and transitional care and avail instant patient engagement


The next generation of clinics without walls; the first step toward growing healthcare practices that can in geometric progression leapfrog patient engagement, deliver care services that ensure better outcomes, happier patients, more efficient staff and a better work-life balance for care givers.

Emplacing a convergence of hybrid unadulterated database containing relevant aspects of patients’ health, which in turn reduces the risk of medical errors, enables continuity of care and can also be used by the concerned government institutions to make better policy decisions

TeleClinic Is Only Recommended For Mild or Acute Non-Emergency Medical Issues. If You Require Emergency Medical Service, Please Visit Your Doctor In-Person