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The most powerful platform for delivering comprehensive remote care. Improve access, efficiency and results – all through an incredible patient experience.

Move your health care master-plan lock, stock and barrel into a contemporary and well-grounded virtual care system. Here are some of the features of the eCLINIC234 virtual care platform that you can also avail your practice:


  • Encrypted video call
  • Encrypted audio call
  • Secure document and file sharing
  • Appointment reminders (email and/or SMS)
  • Secure payment processing
  • Roster to manage practice specialist (physician, pharm & lab specialist) on call
  • Appointment management: calendar and/or grid view
  • Virtual waiting room
  • Custom branded diagnostic electronic test report
  • Exclusive Customised Website
  • Electronic health record (eHR) for patients
  • Exclusive Practice Customised Web Application that supports Physicians/Specialists on Call
  • Exclusive Practice Customised Android and/or iOS Mobile APP
  • Integrated inbuilt full suite of virtual diagnostic laboratory care features that supports:

-eRequisition by Physician

-eBilling for Diagnostics & Radiological Tests

-Electronic test reports

-Electronic test communication

  • Custom power (admin) user
  • Charting and session notes, including templates and secure cloud storage
  • Custom digital intake and assessment forms
  • Analytics dashboard
  • eMR integration
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Patient-Care Provider matching
  • Configurable workflow
  • Multilingual interface
  • Software Updates
  • End to End Design & Configuration
  • Exclusive Customised Customer Care Telephone Number e.g 0700KAMPECLINIC
  • Post deployment technical support
  • Training & insight on how to conduct a smoother teleconsultation
  • Franchise & below the line marketing materials
  • Integrated inbuilt full suite of virtual pharmacy care features that supports

-Medication Stocking

-ePrescription by Physician

-eBilling for Medication

-eDispensing of Drugs

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    TeleClinic Is Only Recommended For Mild or Acute Non-Emergency Medical Issues. If You Require Emergency Medical Service, Please Visit Your Doctor In-Person