The Benefits of Using Health Monitors

Activity monitors, fitness trackers, and blood pressure monitors are all worn by many high-profile athletes and those who want to take their fitness to the next level.  Fitness monitors have many benefits and can help runners, swimmers, cyclists, and others to reach their ultimate fitness potential.  Anyone who wants to increase their fitness activity should consider the latest in health trackers.

Different Kinds of Health Monitors

There is a vast array of health monitors on the market today and while some have multiple capabilities, others fixate on a single purpose (such as heart rate) with extensive capabilities.  Here are some of the common types of health monitors today:

Activity Monitor:  General activity monitors can track your everyday activities, how many steps you are taking each day, and potentially how many calories you consume.  Many activity monitors such as the Garmin Forerunner 15 also include heart rate trackers, in addition to GPS capabilities that record how far you travel.

Blood Pressure Monitor:  Blood pressure monitors can help you track your blood pressure and possibly identify what is causing certain spikes and dips in your blood pressure.  If you have a stressful job or are just concerned about your blood pressure, this monitor might be worth looking into.

Heart Rate Monitor:  Heart rate monitors track your heart rate during training and possibly during rest, as well.  The Apple Watch has a built-in heart rate monitor and will track your heart rate all day long.

Sleep Monitor:  Sleep monitors can help you track how much sleep you get and the quality of your sleep.  Some monitors are able to record times that you were in light sleep and in deep sleep.  A few sleep monitors even allow you to enter your caffeine intake and how it could affect your sleep.

Style of Health Monitors

Today’s technology has made health monitors more stylish and easier to wear than ever before.  Health monitors now come in the form of watches, bracelets, and clip-ons.  Deciding on which health monitor style to choose all depends on your lifestyle.

Watch:  Watches can be more secure than bracelets and have many capabilities.  Some screen faces require you to be more careful.

Bracelet:  Bracelet health monitors usually come in sleek designs and are made for rougher activities.

Clip-On:  Clip-on health monitors are nice because you can take them on and off with ease for tasks, such as doing the dishes or yard work.  On the flip side, this same feature means that they are not as secure as watches or bracelets.

Benefits of Health Monitors

The enormous amount of health monitors on the market are a sign that people want to keep themselves as healthy as possible, and studies show that wearing health monitors such as pedometers can increase physical activity and improve overall health.  Here are some reasons why people turn to health monitors:

Personal Accountability:  Wearing health monitors allows you to take personal accountability for your health, and some of us need this more than others.  Some fitness monitors even connect you to friends or social media to help keep you accountable.

Increased Motivation:  Seeing your statistics improve each week is highly motivating and can make you want to improve even more.  Having hard numbers in front of you is more convincing than going by what you look like in the mirror.

Heightened Awareness:  Wearing a health monitor will always remind you to make healthy choices and have your health on your mind.  Being aware of your health will help you avoid slipping in your diet or fitness regime.

Improved Health:  Your overall health improves with wearing a health monitor.  Logging in your health goals can give you the boost to take control of your health for good.

Better Sleep:  Even if you aren’t tracking your sleep, wearing a health monitor can help you improve your sleep by tracking your diet and fitness.  Keeping track of your fitness assists you in sticking to a fitness regime, and this will lead to better sleep.  Tracking your calories will also help you avoid splurges in sugar, which can throw off your sleep cycle.

A Health Monitor That’s Right for You

Choosing the right health monitor is no easy task with all the different types of monitors on the market today.  However, there is no doubt that doing the research and finding the right health monitor is worth it in the end.  Health monitors have many benefits and can make a significant difference in your life.

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