Vital Signs Kiosks

Care Points: Care points include pop up clinics, community health centres, local governments areas, Community halls, town halls, recreation centres, public schools, generic public spaces etc

Since the vital signs are scientific barometers of indicative health conditions, with better access to regular checks you can easily track, manage and address symptoms as they arise with the help vital signs before diseases arise or worsen.

An eHR database is created for this project where the vitals are automatically synchronised immediately they are generated. The concerned individual and/or medical professionals can access their respective data only from time to time in order to review and track indicative symptoms for further incisive medical tests where necessary.

This model is best for policy decision-makers in government, aspiring politicians, community outreach projects, NGOs, welfare agencies, multilateral partners on healthcare, healthcare research projects etc

TeleClinic Is Only Recommended For Mild or Acute Non-Emergency Medical Issues. If You Require Emergency Medical Service, Please Visit Your Doctor In-Person