Wellness Referral Scheme

Love. Refer. Earn

If you love our wellness platform as much as we hope you do, tell your friends about us. The Referral Scheme gives our loyal Users the opportunity to spread the wellness service! The best part – we will even reward you for it. Refer any Patient/User to the wellness platform and your successful referral will earn you a referral commission.

Share the love and get rewarded

How does it work?
The process is super simple, follow these easy steps.

  • You are a User that Love our wellness platform products and services
  • Share your eCLINIC234 experience with friends, family and colleagues. Remember to register on the eCLINIC234 platform to secure a referral code!
  • You may also share the APP on your mobile APP to generate an automatic referral code
  • Earn a referral commission on your Contact’s successful enrolment

How to refer?
You can earn cash for every successful referred enrolment into eCLINIC234.
Spread the wellness message within your circle of influence along with your referral code
At the point of enrolment the wellness enrollee should ensure to input the referral code in the enrolment form
Upon a successful enrolment as an Individual Patient a referral commissionis automatically credited to your account and that of the Patient – both parties are winners!

NB: Remember to tell us about your AWESOME eCLINIC234 experience first! You can use the Patient Lounge or My Wellness Moments for this.

  • Click on one of the links at the bottom of this page and complete the registration form.
  • Send the completed form
  • Validate the your address
  • Your referral code will be mailed to you


• Just open your mobile APP and hop over to the ‘Share’ section of your APP, and decide if you’d like to share the love on WhatsAPP, Facebook, Twitter, or through email—or choose all three, if you like

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